WWW Is timing out

I want to redirect all traffic from WWW to non-www

Add a redirect rule…

…and ensure you have a proxied DNS record for www. You can use a CNAME to your apex domain, or a dummy value of A or AAAA 100:: (the dummy values are useful to remind you that a rule handles this entry).

Thanks! I tried that but still the www is not loading here is the URL
www. shopsupplies .com.au

What have you set in your DNS for www?
Have you set any page rules or redirects for www.shopsupplies.com.au?

Some screenshots would be useful.

Have you set www.shopsupplies.com.au to be served at your hosting provider?

This is the DNS record

and this is the rule I setup

Set the rule to “static” with the URL https://shopsupplies.com.au

Done that! Still same error :frowning_face:

Sorry, missed this first time after seeing the first issue. You have “URI equals www.shopsupplies.com.au” as the rule. Look at the e.g. under the box. You should be using “hostname equals www.shopsupplies.com.au”.

Yep that worked! Thank you sooooo much :blue_heart: :+1:

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