Www is redirecting to "There's nothing here, yet." Heroku page


Hi there,

I’ve setup up loads of domains before, but occasionally I have this issue.

I’m trying to setup www.ombexquantumprotection.com so it goes to https://ombexquantumprotection.com

I have setup www as the subdomain with alias/value as target. clickfunnels. com but it just keeps sending to a ‘there’s nothing here yet page’.

What am I missing?




I would set up an A record for ‘www’ and give it a bogus IP address, like Then add a Page Rule that redirects www.ombexquantumprotection.com/* to the non-www URL. The page rule will immediately redirect the visitor instead of sending them to

Or try to figure out why your server isn’t recognizing ‘www’ as a valid address for your site.

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