Www. is not secure

My domain verksted.dk is working fine.
Security is at FULL.
But when I type www.verksted.dk in my browser, it shows me a message, saying that the website isn’t secure.

It should be set up correct, so I do not understand. Can anyone help me? :slight_smile:


Quick check for www.verksted.dk gives me SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN error.

Certanly, your SSL certificate does not cover www.verksted.dk, but only verksted.dk.

Moreover, your records are not :orange::

  • A www pointed to the IPv4 address is :grey: (should be :orange:)
  • A verksted.dk pointed to the IPv4 address is :grey: (should be :orange:)

You are also using Cloudways right?
Moreover, your WordPress site install is with or without www?

I also got the result checking www:
www.verksted.dk. 299 IN A

I also cannot ping neither verksted.dk neither www.verksted.dk.

Is your A www record on :orange: or :grey: cloud?

Maybe you only have a CNAME record in your DNS dashboard for your domain at Cloudflare account?

For a www.verksted.dk, this sub-domain “www” is not in the SSL certificate either at your host/origin. Moreover, if using Full SSL option, or even the record A www is not being added to the domain DNS dashboard of your Cloudflare account or is on :grey: cloud as well as non-www A record.

Could you check if you have two records at your Cloudflare DNS dashboard:

  • A www pointed to the IPv4 address and :orange:
  • A verksted.dk pointed to the IPv4 address and :orange:

Moreover, depending on the SSL tab for your domain and selected SSL option (hopefully Full SSL or Flexible SSL), furthermore issues can be shown up, but also can be resolved if they happen.

Please, before proceeding with:

  1. Generate an SSL certificate at your origin/host to cover both www and non-www domain
  2. Enable the “Full SSL” option at your DNS dashboard at Cloudflare account

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