Www is not resolving

i have a Cloudflare page setup, and I have added a custom domain name. the domain name works fine, but www is not.

the browser said Connection Timed out.

Any idea what could have caused this?

Thanks a lot.

If using Cloudflare Pages, make sure you have added www.wingchiutong.com as a custom domain to Pages, and not added it to the DNS manually yourself.

Alternatively you can use redirect rules to redirect www.wingchiutong.com to wingchiutong.com if you only want one hostname for your site.


Hi there,

@sjr is correct. Checking your project, you didn’t add www to your pages aliases.
There are 2 ways to correct this. Either delete the www CNAME you created manually and add www as an alias for the project (and the system will generate the CNAME automatically), or create a redirect from www to the non www in your rules.

Take care.

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Thank you so much guys. It works now.


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