Www is not pointing to correct page @ Heroku



I am quite unexperienced with this DNS stuff, so forgive me for asking a rookie question. I’ve been searching far and wide, and i might have stumbled upon the solution without actually comprehending what to do.

So I hope that some of you can tell me what i can do.

I recently decided to host a site on Heroku for the first time, and I am now trying to point my domain ‘jonasmohr.dk’ to the dns target ‘jonasmohr.dk.herokudns.com’.

The problem is, that I can’t get www.jonasmohr.dk to work, only https://jonasmohr.dk.

Here is a picture of my current DNS records:

And a picture of my page rules:

Thanks in advance!


You need to add another www hostname in Heroku portal for your project or use another project for www host redirection.


Like this?


You can save a page rule by setting “Always use HTTPS” to true in the crypto tab instead.
Also you can use a page rule to redirect www requests if you don’t want to set it up in heroku.