WWW gives a 1016 error

Hi, my site is https://akhawaii.com, hosted through 1and1, and when typing www.akhawaii.com I get a 1016 error from cloudfare. How can I resolve this?
Also my dns settings are on automatic for www.

That most likely should just be a CNAME alias for akhawaii.com

Though generally I set my ‘www’ entry to be an A record for the same IP address as the non-www entry and my server is configured to receive requests for the ‘www’. And then redirects to non-www.

So…definitely change that CNAME entry. If a CNAME that points to akhawaii.com doesn’t work, then make it an A record for the IP address. If that doesn’t work, then add a page rule here that matches www.akhawaii.com and redirect it to https://akhawaii.com

Unless you wanted the site to function as both the www, and the non-www variant, which isn’t desirable. You should just pick one, and forward results for the other one to your final choice.

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Thanks @sdayman, that worked perfectly. I’m not very experienced with DNS settings. Appreciate the help!

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