Www for subdomain


I want to www for subdomain



Thank you

Supposing you are the owner of icyberzone.com:

Go to your dashboard, add a new record
Name: www.subdomain
And point it to your desired destination.

Note: free SSL will not work with this subdomain

Now, www.forum.icyberzone.com is not work.
what should I do?

As i wrote in my first post:

Free SSL on this domain will not work


The SSL Certificates Cloudflare proivides for free only work on the 2nd (.icyberzone.com) and 3rd level forum.icyberzone.com). The 4th level is not covered.

Since https://forum.icyberzone.com/ works well, you could try to redirect permanently (HTTP 301) from www.forum. to forum. But i am not suere if it solves your SSL error.
Try it with page rules.

Something like

I can edit form .htaccess?

Select: page rules and add it there.

I update ssl to 10$ is work?

If I get that right:

Cloudflare Dedicated Certificate with Custom Hostname: $10 per domain

All the items included in the base Dedicated SSL Certificate
Protects your domain, subdomains (*.example.com), as well as up to 50 additional hostnames.


www for subdomain is work 50 hostnames?
now, I update to Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames ($10/month). OK?

My bad. I guess you’re right. :slight_smile:

I update my ssl 5$ to Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames ($10/month).

Ordering your certificate . Failed

Please help me.

Can i close ssl?

I have an auto cpanel at the source.

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