Www for a subdomain not working

There are 2 websites , one in the parent domain /abc.com other in the /y.abc.com.
It was able to get /www.abc.com working but not /www.y.abc.com. I have set the CNAMEs aswell.

www points hosting provider
y.abc.com point hosting provider

www.y point to y.abc.com

how to get www.y.abc.com working?

If this was on SSL.

Yes, i looked into that articles. Is there are way to use www.y.abc.com without ssl.

Without SSL you shouldn’t have that problem and you just need the DNS record.

yeah i removed the proxy and now it works,
thanks @sandro

hi, did you manage to have them working ? i face same issue, 2 of my subdomains using www not loading after making my domain available on cloudflare…

did you add CNAME or A name for your subdomains? www.abc domain.com

Just as another option you can set up a redirect so that the www. subdomain redirects to the version without www.

eg redirect www.sub.domain.com to sub.domain.com

i remove it proxy also and now they are fine… thanks