www.FarahKhanWorld.com This zone is banned and cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1097)

Dear Cloudflare,
Thank you ! I am trying to add a Website www.farahkhanworld.com but I am receiving a consistent error which is as follows. “This zone is banned and cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1097)”

I have tried multiple times. Please note I run a Reseller Webhosting for the same Domain.
My DNS is at ns1.farahkhanworld.com and ns2.farahkhanworld.com which is a DNS resolver located at the same ipv4 which is hosting the website . This means www = a = mx = ns1 = ns2 = ipv4

Domain Registrar’s Godaddy DNS is Set to = ns1.farahkhanworld.com = ns2.farahkhanworld.com

DNSSEC is ON :slight_smile:

So Why I can’t Add the Website to Cloudflare.

NS Records

A Records

TXT Records

MX Records

DS | DNSSEC Records

Dear @sandro Please kindly tell me how to contact the Cloudflare ?


Last link

The problem is that I am primarily trying to add the domain. www.farahkhanworld.com.

as a result It’s not in the list.
So I will have to forcefully select another domain from list and go ahead contact Cloudflare Support.

You can also send an email to support@.

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As this has come up again… @cloonan, any update? I spoke to both support and Trust & Safety about this - it seems that you should be able to select ‘Other’ or ‘I am trying to add a domain’ when submitting a ticket.

Yes, we did report this in real time on one of our weekend sessions and it’s a known issue. Until it’s changed, I’d go the route of selecting on of the other domains and @farahkhanworld, please share the ticket number and I’ll update it to reflect the proper zone and make sure it’s in the right queue.

Before you do that, @farahkhanworld, can you try to re-add the zone to your account? I don’t show it as banned and I was able to add & remove it from a test account…suspect whatever you hit was a temporary glitch.

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