Www.example.com directs to CloudFlare but example.com still directs to old hosting server


I’ve inherited a site that has a couple dozen DNS records and am in the process of transferring it from Blue Host to Kajabi. In Cloudflare I added CNAME www is an alias of endpoint.mykajabi.com so www.example.com is now correctly pointing to the Kajabi site.

However, the URL less the www is still pointing to the Blue Host servers and I’m not sure what DNS record to add so that it also points to the Kajabi site. For example, what would I replace www with in the Name field of the new DNS record?


Set your example.com DNS entry to :orange: (it may already be this way) and add a Page Rule:
Match: example.com/* and add Setting for Forwarding URL to https://www.example.com/$1

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