Www[dot]cloudflare[dot]com/ips-v4 need antibot verify now

I recently tried to use Cloudflare to automatically configure the template during the installation of discourse, and found that the server was inaccessible www[dot]Cloudflare[dot]com/ips-v4 I tried to use curl to obtain this link, and found that it is suspected of anti robot authentication. This branch should not be protected by robot authentication, otherwise many automated scripts will lose their function. This is not a problem that only appears in the free version. Please pay attention to this problem. Thank you
In addition, my English is not good. This paragraph uses translation software.


if you need me to feedback i will try to do it

I haven’t experienced it yet, neither sure how should I trigger it :thinking:
Maybe if I try to send more requests frequently via curl and/or from the same IP or an IP which has some kind of a bad reputation (like spam, etc. from the past)?

i get this host ip on alibabacloud
and i use this host&ip for 1 year
If so, then this bad record is too long

I found that some people have encountered this problem recently
Links used by automated scripts should not have this problem

It’s ironic that companies using discourse are not very compatible with discourse

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