Www.domain.com not redirecting to domain.com

Problem solved by the hosting.

Some host setups do the redirect for you, so it won’t show up in any of your Wordpress or Cloudflare settings.
Look around for something that says “Use WWW, Use example.com, Use Either”.

Once that’s been resolved, the rest should fall into place.

In Wordpress, you can set the URL in wp-config.php, and that should carry over into your General Settings screen.

That “mandatory” www issue generally applies to CNAME setups where you can’t use an “A” record for the naked domain. But you have an A record with an IP address, so that should function.

Now for the redirect issue…maybe Bluehost just won’t let you use a naked domain for Wordpress. When you set up that Wordpress installation, did it force you to add www? Or can you edit that Site URL that’s in the image you posted?

That CNAME is normal. Personally, I use an A record that matches the naked domain’s IP address. And your only page rule doesn’t do a Redirect.

You could try Pausing Cloudflare from the Dashboard Overview page and see if that changes the behavior, but I doubt it. I don’t see anything in your Cloudflare configuration that’s doing a redirect.

Pause Cloudflare. Or post your domain name so we can take a closer look at the responses.

No. At the bottom right corner of the Overview page is a Pause link.

That didn’t help, neither purging the cache

If pausing Cloudflare doesn’t fix it, then it’s a server issue. Try contacting your host and have them track it down.

Open a support ticket here and include a link to this discussion.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

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