Www domain and the main domain has different layout

I buy a domain name from Godaddy, replace nameservers with Cloudflare, and point DNS to my host on Hostinger.

On Hostinger, I set the OS to Unbuntu with WordPress. I configured my site with an SSH key on the local terminal to proceed with the WordPress Installation. After everything is done, my site can be viewed perfectly with the domain name. I deploy my local site on LocalWP to the host using the All in One WP Migration plugin. Everything was ok until I accessed www. example .com (for example). My site showed the layout before I deployed.

I thought it was a subdomain, so I tried to access /wp-admin/, but it redirected to example. com/wp-admin/. I checked again on GoDaddy to see if I had created any subdomains, but nothing was found. The only WWW part that I found is in the Cloudflare. But it did not relate anything to my site.

Can anybody help what is going on with my site? I seriously don’t understand anything of this.

(I am a non-coder also, literally know little about code)

What is the name of the site?

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