"www" doesnt work. I dont know if my DNS Settings are good?

“www” doesnt work for my domain. I also tried creating a subdomin but messed up my DNS settings. My DMARC Record is not available. Please help me out.
I dont know why my subdomain doesnt work.

Can you list what exact changes you made (e.g. additions, modifications, deletions)?

DMARC and www are two different records, and as such, it could be two different issues.

If you want the Cloudflare Community to be able to come up with some suggestions, please share:

  1. What domain?

  2. What exact record(s), do you believe there is a problem with?
    And how does your Cloudflare Dashboard look, in regards to these specific record(s)?
    (https://example.com? https://www.example.com? …?)

  3. #2 can be done with a screenshot of the record(s) from here:

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Ty for answering.

So I had set up my DNS records for my domain starktechai. com

Then I wanted to create a subdomain. (go. starktechai. com) The subdomain wokrs, but idk if everything is set up correctly. Then For some reason the dns setting were all gone for the main domain.

I then added them myself, and deleted the subdomain setting. idk if they are ok??

I dont have experience seting up domains. So I just want everything to work.

All of your A and CNAME record(s) seem to work perfectly fine according from my location, according to the shown DNS entries.

app shows a login prompt, and the link one shows “OK!”.

Other than that, all the others, such as the naked domain, www, www.go, and go all shows the same website.

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