Www DNS record for cloudflare pages app


I recently started to use Cloudflare Pages to deploy a Nuxt app and everything is fine except for the fact that I cannot access my domain using www.MYDOMAIN.com.

It is working fine when I just use https://MYDOMAIN.com. However I cannot make it work with the www prefix.

I am getting: “Error 523 ## Origin is unreachable”

Note: I am using Cloudflare as the DNS server and I have the www CNAME record pointing to the @

Could someone give me some light in this matter?

Really appreciate.

I’ll give this a shot! Based on your description it sounds like you might be missing a custom domain for www.example.com inside the Pages project. In the Cloudflare dashboard, head over to Pages, select your project, and open the Custom domains tab. If I’m on the right track, you only have example.com there today.

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Hey @svanlund Thanks for your help!

I thought I could only use one domain in the custom domains tab. My bad.

Your solution worked out perfectly, now I have both www.example.com and example.com.


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