Dear friends, I have a subscription to the teachable.com platform and following the documentation, I created the account here for DNS pointing.

I have an error that I can’t resolve that is regarding my site being accessed via www.

Today if you try to access www.docacademy.com.br you can not, but if you access via docacademy.com.br can.

I can’t solve this problem and I need help.

Who can help me ?

Hi @editoradoc, sorry about the issues. This comes up a lot here and you’ll find a lot of details with the :search:. In this case, can you take a look at your DNS records and verify you have a CNAME record called www and that the cloud by it is :orange:?

@cloonan, sorry for the long time and thanks for anwser me.

Yes, i have a Type CNAME with name WWW and content docacademy.com.br and TTL AUTO e Proxy Status ‘PROXIED’.

I have another typ CNAME with name docacademy.com.br and content docacademy.teachable.com with TTL AUTO and Proxy Status like ‘Proxied’. Newar CNAME i have a information symbol and said: ‘Another record shares the same name, so we’ve applied CNAME flattening.’

I don’t know what is this.

Can you help me ? Tks a lot !

Is this correctly ?

@cloonan did you see my post ?

Yes, can you add an A record called @ (that’ll change to the name of your domain when you leave the field) and a value of the IP address of your origin server, ttl automatic and make the cloud :orange:.

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