Www DNS entry not working

Even though I’ve added a www entry in my DNS configurations only minerwatch.io is working and
www.minerwatch.io is not. I am confused as I’ve another website on Cloudflare for which www and without it both works.

The connection timed out means your origin server didn’t respond to Cloudflare. I would make sure that the DNS entry is correct. You can also see if it works without Cloudflare by making the DNS entry :grey: and wait for cache to expire.

I have the below entries, so it’s the cash issue and I should only wait?
CNAME minerwatch.io minerwatch.pa.dev
CNAME www minerwatch.pa.dev

I’ve the same entries for another of my website and it seems to work for it with www and without it.

With 522s a lot of the times it because the hosting provider rate limited Couldflare IPs. I’d contact them to make sure this isn’t happening.

If you need to allowlist Cloudflare IPs you can use our list here - IP Ranges

the website minerwatch.com hosting and the domainname is by Cloudflare. I’ve matched all the settings in Cloudflare for both websites. The other website works like a charm with www and without, however, minerwatch.io doesn’t work with www.minerwatch.io. Any help is appreciated.

www.minerwatch.io and minerwatch.io both have worked. For me, the issue was I was adding the www entry in DNS management however for Cloudflare I also need to add the custom domain name entry in the “Workers & Pages”->" Custom Domains" as well which will automatically add www to the main DNS entry (which I did manually)

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