Www cname redirect not working in firefox

https://yankeedeals.com/ works , but www.yankeedeals.com does not redirect to https://yankeedeals.com/

i.e. www does not redirect to non www even though we have had cname for over month i.e.

even though cname www yankeedeals.com exists in cname section

A CNAME doesn’t do a redirect. You just need a :orange: Proxied DNS record for ‘www’ (you already have that) and then a Page Rule:
Match: www.yankeedeals.com/* and a Setting of Forwarding URL to: https://yankeedeals.com/$1

The $1 will forward the path as well if you’d like. I generally use this, but you can certainly leave it off if you want all ‘www’ requests to redirect to the non-www home page.

Page rules are added to Proxied DNS record when I edit?

Where do I add rule as when I click edit there is no place to add rules you kindly mentioned

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