Www CNAME record not resolving

I created an A record for my root domain mydomain.com. The IP address gets updated through a dynamic DNS service.

I then created a CNAME record for git subdomain pointing to mydomain.com.
I also created a CNAME record for www subdomain pointing to mydomain.com.
All records are proxied.

I can ping mydomain.com, git.mydomain.com, but pinging www.mydomain.com gives an error “Ping request could not find host www.mydomain.com”.

I also tried setting up an A record for www and doing a page rule to forward as shown in the tutorial but that did not work either.

What configuration am I missing?

Hard to tell without knowing the actual domain. But I can’t ping a CNAME that’s set to :grey:.

I have been playing with various configuration to make this work. At one point I created an A record for www and updated the IP address with ddns. That obviously resolved the sub-domain as expected. I then went back deleted the A record and recreated a CNAME record for www again. I tried pinging www.mydomain.com again, and this time, ping was able to resolve the host correctly! I am not sure why it is now working, but did not the first time. I even tried flushing the dns cache, and tried from a different host, and it works correctly as expected.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.

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