Www CNAME DNS setup

Hey so How to setup CNAME DNS for a domain i have it like the this

i have my react page hosted on cloudflare pages, but when i go to https://www.stron.ml i get

# Error 523

Ray ID: 650b0c9bcc380b97 • 2021-05-17 07:14:30 UTC

## Origin is unreachable

i tried even adding a subdomain but i got the same error ,
Thank You

Hi @urtecht,

Since stron.ml works and www. doesn’t, I would recommend Redirect www.example.com to example.com.

But How do i do the same if i want to have a subdomain pointing to a different cloudflare page, BTW the tutorial works thank you

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You should just be able to add the subdomain as a custom domain and add a DNS record pointing to it. I suspect the error you are seeing is if you point the CNAME to a page, but haven’t added it as a custom domain first.

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