Www CNAME can’t be proxied through cloud flare

Hi members,

‘www’ subdomain of my site is not able to proxied through cloud flare. All traffic to my site instantly becomes zero if I enable cloud flare proxy (orange cloud) for www CNAME.

however, if I disable cloud flare proxy (disable orange cloud), it is working fine.

I already created CNAME for ‘www’ pointing to my main domain.

However, my main domain (mydomain.com) is proxied (orange cloud) through cloud flare and working fine.

Please note that my server IP is correct for sure.

Please help me to resolve this issue. Please Suggest me the possible reason behind this issue. I am not a technical guy please keep in mind.

I’m not expert but why not just use an A record for ‘www’ if you are pointing to the same IP? Maybe just to test it out.

I tried too many times but it didn’t work for me.

If your main domain works, and it’s the canonical URL, I suggest you use the Page Rule from this tutorial. You already have ‘www’ record you can set to :orange:, so you just need the Page Rule.

Hi sdayam, my all URLs already set to www.my domain.com (as my articles are ranking in google with along with www URLs).

The exact problem is when I proxy www CName, it stop working (results zero traffic), otherwise if set it to grey cloud, everything is fine. (Means my server is responding fine but through cloud flare, the request is not resolving).

This depends how your application works and routing between the links.

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