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I just moved my blog to Substack.

blog.console.xyz— works

www.blog.console.xyz — (the old domain) doesn’t forward properly. Is it possible to redirect the “www.blog.” → “blog.”?

Any advice would be appreciated!


Just note that SSL/TLS may cause you issues on that subdomain.

The Cloudflare universal certificates cover example.com and *.example.com.
This means that it covers any subdomain one level above the domain you signed up with. It will cover www.example.com and subdomain.example.com, as these are one level above the root domain, example.com. The certificate will not cover www.subdomain.example.com or a.b.example.com, however, as these subdomains are too deep.

You can read more about this and the solutions in this community tutorial.

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Thanks! I had seen that video. It’s strange because

www.blog.console.xyz/ — redirects

https:// www.blog.console.xyz/ — but this one with https at the beginning doesn’t (the space is only because this forum won’t let me post a link)

So I’m not sure how to address that “https://” issue. Any thoughts?

That’s what I addressed here:

Incredible! Thanks!

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