Www at the beginning of the domain does not give access to the web

I do not know what I need to add, I can enter my domain without www but when I add the www it says that it does not have access to the web, I have the server with digitalocean and added the www as CNAME

Make sure that www entry is set to :orange:

And then add a Page Rule:
Match: www.example.com/*
Add Setting: Forwarding URL (Code 301) to https://example.com/$1

i fixed, in digitalocean did not have the www CNAME record, my mistake.
Now you can teach me whats mean the $1 at the end of url??
Thks for your replay :muscle:

The $1 means if the * in the first part matches a path of a file, that the path/file gets forwarded as well.


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