Www and non-www URL's Shows Two Different Site


We have a Web site which runs on the Wordpress/Godaddy hosting and the DNS records are managing on the CloudFlare. But there is a weird problem about the www prefix on the URL. Let me explain the issue:

When you visit the baselane.com URL, you can see the new launched web site. But if you visit the www.baselane.com you will see the old Web site. Is it related with the Cloudflare or something else like Wordpress or Godaddy?

Thank you.

That sounds like this post:

I saw that post before creating this topic but can’t find anything useful for this issue.

Hi @fatihturan,

Just to confirm if it is the same issue, can you set the www record to :grey: , wait a few minutes and check if it then shows the correct page?

If it does, it will be the same issue where a previous provider used Cloudflare and they haven’t removed your domain from their config. If this is the case, you will need to contact the old provider.

If it still shows the wrong page, you either have the wrong IP in the DNS record or have it misconfigured on your server.

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We tried to set proxy off for use only DNS but it didn’t solve the problem unfortunately.

Currently we’re contacting with hosting provider company and if this issue related with them I’ll post here the latest news.

If you gave it five minutes to propagate, then this points to a hosting issue, as Proxy OFF takes Cloudflare out of the loop. That’s assuming that ‘www’ points to the same server as the root domain.

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