Www and non-www give diferent SSL certificate



I have been having trouble installing the Alphassl SSL Seal (by Globalsign) on my page.

However when I run the SSL server test here:

I get issuer Comodo for the www and Alpha for the non-www.

Does anyone know how to rectify this please.

Thanks for any help.


The domain associated with your username/email isn’t configured for cloudflare. So I can’t say for certain, however if you’re using Cloudflare to proxy requests we become an SSL termination endpoint and by default would use our universal SSL certificate. To ‘bring your own’ certificate is an option for our business plan or a paid dedicated cert can be purchased through Cloudflare on the crypto tab.

If you are seeing 2 different certs I would assume one of the two URLs is going direct to origin while the other is being proxied by Cloudflare.


Hi cscharff,

Thanks for the reply.
I had a phone call from Globalsign yesterday telling me that their certificate cannot be used with Cloudflare unless we have a Business accout or above. This has taken me 2 weeks of frustrating emails and live chat with their support where this was never mentioned as a reason the seal would not show.

The budget for a business account is outside what I can afford so in other words we have bought one of their certificates for nothing.

Very frustrating.


@ian2 sorry, the internet is a complex place and it can be hard sometimes to find anyone at Company A who has heard of Company B, let alone has any understanding of how they might work from a technical standpoint. So I apologize for the frustration but it’s entirely possible the folks at Globalsign you were working with weren’t familiar with our service or sufficiently familiar with our architecture to comment/ debug.

We partner with Comodo and Digicert to deliver our certificates (not a statement on the value of any other provider) so if you purchase one through us because you want a dedicated SSL cert they are generally equivalent.

You could ask for a refund I suppose… or if they won’t provide one perhaps they have another kind of certificate that might be useful to you that they would be willing to exchange the cert for, such as an email signing cert: https://www.globalsign.com/en/secure-email/

Sorry again for the issues.


Thanks cscharff,

I’ll look in to the things you have mentioned above and I appreciate you taking the time out to comment.