Www and non www are not the same

Hi Cloudflare people,

I have created a new site and added all values properly (I think) A records point to my new server, ns records change as they should but I have an issue that I can not resolve. when I add the domain with www sometimes loads the correct site and sometimes from the old server and without www always from the old server and sometimes doesn’t load with too many redirects. The website is built on WordPress.

Can you please verify your A / AAAA records, for both the naked domain, as well as it’s www record?

All of this makes it sound like you have different IP addresses tied to your A and/or AAAA records, so that there would be a mismatch between the naked domain’s record(s) and the www record(s).

With different IP addresses, you would randomly get the content from the one server, and randomly from the other. If these two sets of contents are not identical, what you see would be consistent with your elaboration.

For this part →

Can you please head over to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls and check your current SSL/TLS encryption mode?

If it is currently set to Flexible, then switch to Full (Strict).


Thanks, @DarkDeviL My SSL is set to full but I don’t have AAA records set and the A records point properly on my IP and loading the WWW site correctly but without www is loading the old one on the previous server and I have no reference anywhere for the old server.