Www alais for Cloudflare pages


DNS and registration is with Cloudflare.

I have a CNAME typingkit.com pointing to typingkit.pages.dev which works great. I tried to add an alias so when users type www.typingkit.com → it goes to the same page. Please see screenshot below

The www.typingkit.com fails to lead to typingkit.page.dev, instead I get the error message

Error 522

  • Connection timed out

Any help would be appreciated

You really need just one canonical URL.

Since you’ve already got it working without ‘www’, I suggest you add a Page Rule to redirect ‘www’ to the non-www URL:

Match: www.typingkit.com/*
Setting: Forwarding URL (301) to https://typingkit.com/$1

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Thank you! That worked

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