Www A records causing a error 1000

I have CNAME records point to an ingress site that houses our website. If I put in the domain without www the site opens fine and everything works. However, if a user types www in the url then an error 1000 appears. I am under the impression that because the site is already running on a CNAME record, perhaps the www A records are causing a loop. Or perhaps I need to point those A records to the correct server…

Any ideas?

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Yes, I noticed that the www A records and www AAAA records were pointing to Cloudflare servers. If I remove them however, then when someone search www.domain.com they get a site can’t be reached. However if they search domain.com the site appears.

In our server the site is resolving to a CNAME record which points to a website. How can I get the www url option to redirect to the site correctly?

You are going to need to drop the obfuscation for anyone here to be able to offer any help. This means that we need to know the domain name and how your site is configured. Things like are you on shared hosting, a VPS, a SaaS based hosting product are all relevant.

Sure thing. The domain is toptiertrader.com.

Here is how the site records are set up:

These are all pointing to cloudflare servers to my understanding. These are for the direct domain toptiertrader.com (not the www redirect) and they are working fine.

The issue is I need the www records in the DNS to redirect users but not sure where I need to point those records to.

I am wondering if I can just create a second record with the Name www and the context value the same as the original A records. Essentially I would replicate the A records that direct to the naked domain but instead of the Name being the naked domain it would be www for the redirect?

Thanks for sharing your site details. It was helpful. You definitely should not have Cloudflare IPs in your Cloudflare dashboard DNS app. You should delete any records that are pointing to Cloudflare IPs. This includes all of the AAAA records you showed and all of the A records, except the one that begins with 5.161.

Your origin server currently responds with a 301 redirect to your apex on www, so you should be fine to simply add an A record for www that uses the IP that begins with 5.161.

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That was great! Thanks for the help.

Is that the case with any IPs point to cloudflare servers? I have some other A records with hosts such as autodiscover, dashboard, email, etc. and all appear to be replicated 3 times with one IP address being non cloudflare and the other being cloudflare servers.

I suppose my question is, no A record host (be it www, the domain, dashboard, etc.) should point to cloudflare servers, correct?

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Correct. You should not ever have Cloudflare IPs in your A or AAAA records.

You also want to ensure that you do not :orange: proxy any hostnames that you use with protocols other than HTTP and HTTPS. Leave them set to :grey: DNS Only. The same applies to MIcrosoft 365 CNAMEs such as autodiscover and their DKIM records.

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