WWW: 404 when Proxied and works fine when DNS only

I have a lot of domains at cloudflare but with one I have big problems. It has same hosting, same settings as all another, but WWW doesn’t work.

When I switch for WWW (A record) Proxy status to Proxied I get 404 error. When it’s DNS only all works fine. Another subdomains don’t have this problem.

ip address is correct, all settings same as at another my domains.

Maybe someone have any ideas what else could be wrong?

Thank you!

Did your site work on HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

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Site doesn’t work on HTTP as well, same 404 error

He was asking about before you added the site to Cloudflare. Please be sure to let us know.

Which SSL mode are you using? It should Full (Strict)

Its our clients domain. But I can see this domain available on HTTPS in google cache.

Why do we need to use Full (Strict) mode, as other sites work fine?

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Thank You for reply! But it doesn’t explain why there is problem with one specific domain.

No offence, but if all your other domains are on insecure settings, you have a bigger issue in general :slight_smile:

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I got Your point and Thank You for that. But right now I have to fix another issue.

Yeah, security is always last and then people are surprised their data is compromised :wink:

The usual story, no offence :slight_smile:

Right now site doesn’t work on HTTP as well, so I need at first launch it with current mode. And highly doubt that current problem connected to SSL mode selected on Cloudflare.

If the site does not work on HTTPS either, then yes, there’ll be a general issue with the site that needs fixing first. My advice would be to make sure the site works fine on HTTPS without Cloudflare, once everything is working, adding Cloudflare should be a matter of seconds and things should work as well.

Site does work without proxy. Contacted hosting and they say that everything is fine on their side. So something wrong on Cloudflare site with proxy enabled.

So it does work fine on HTTPS?

Yes, it accessible via https. It just returns 404 for http or https if you are using WWW any other subdomain works fine

But if it loads fine on HTTPS but shows a 404 then your host cannot say everything is fine on their end. You can clearly show them it is not.

The thing is that its not reaching the server in proxy mode

Well, you said it’s

That referred to the origin of course.

Maybe I articulated it wrongly. I can open HTTPS url with proxy enabled, but I see empty page with 404 status. And if to do curl then it says that transmitted bytes amount is 0. But if you access server directly to any unavailable page, then there will be apache error. So if cloudflare would be reaching the server output should be different. And lets not focus on https as it doesn’t work without it as well

In that case we are going in circles as I already wrote that earlier.

I am afraid there really is not much more to say about this at the moment.