Www.3d-imaging.co.uk changing over email mx


I have been using the email server with the mx record that has priority 10
MX 3d-imaging.co.uk mail handled by mailcluster.zen.co.uk Automatic

I have added the MX records below with priority 1,2 and 3.

MX mx10.mailspamprotection.com mail handled by mx10.mailspamprotection.com Automatic
MX mx20.mailspamprotection.com mail handled by mx20.mailspamprotection.com Automatic
MX mx30.mailspamprotection.com mail handled by mx30.mailspamprotection.com Automatic

And yet the mail still goes to the server with priority 10 and not to the others. My aim is to have the mail not go to mailcluster.zen.co.uk as I want to discontinue this hosting and for the email to go to the other 3 servers above. I added the 3 servers above about 3 or 4 days ago and the email is still not going to them. What can I do to change it over. Do I have to delete mailcluster.zen.co.uk ? If I did I would be worried about losing mail before they go to the other 3 servers.

Thanks for any advice.

Set the Name to 3d-imaging.co.uk and leave the MX values as they are.

Mailservers do a lookup for your domain and only find the MX with prio 10

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