WSL2 has no DNS when Windows host is connected to WARP


We are trying to utilize WARP with Zero Trust in lieu of a VPN for some of the agents in our organization.

Many of our internal tools require the use of WSL to connect to them, and utilize internal DNS for name resolution to these tools.

We have configured the cloudflare tunnels and confirmed they’re functioning for our Windows 10 machines. We are seeing no issues with DNS or traffic routing for any of our Windows hosts.

However, when using WSL with Ubuntu 20.04, the WSL VM does not get any DNS if WSL is launched before WARP is connected (even then, some users don’t get DNS at all).

We did find a work around which involved editing the wsl.conf file to have it not generate the resolv.conf file, and create the resolv.conf manually, however this is not a viable long-term solution.

We currently have around 10 users utilizing WARP on a trial basis, and this issue persists across all of those users.

Has anyone ever come across this issue and found a fix?


I haven’t found a permanent solution for this but I’m seeing the same behavior on systems running Win 10 / Win 11 with WSL2.

Manually configuring DNS config inside WSL is our workaround here, too.