WSDL would be a workaround for error 524?

Hi all, I am getting the timeout error 524 for some GETs calls in my website, I was wondering if changing the rest API to wsdl would be a workaround for it or I will continue having the same issue anyway?


The problem is not the type of interface, but that your server takes too long to respond. If this is not fixed on the server, it will happen no matter which interface you are using (REST or WSDL).

Thank you very much Sandro.

Do you know what would be the impacts (in terms of security) if I set up the ws url behind a subdomain not proxied (grey clouded) in the Cloudflare DNS app?

Just with any other host, it would expose your IP address. If you want to keep your IP address “hidden” behind Cloudflare you might not want to do so, but that depends on your requirements.

Why would the WSDL take that long in the first place?


The problem is that I have an output or report (xml, xls and etc) that carries a significant amount of data and also the db query for this specific output takes more than 100 seconds too. I believe the db query is taking that long because of the amount of data instead performance related. I am still investigating though.

Does downloading the WSDL take so much time or the service call itself? I understood it was the former.

Sorry, my bad. Got it the wrong way. Just realised you are not using WSDL right now.

I actually using Rest API for it (i was wondering if changing the interface would be a workaround).

But the service call itself is taking so much time. I did some tests and the download time is not affected by cloudflare error 524.

Yes, apologies. Got it the wrong way round.

There are three options.

  1. The most preferably one, try to optimise your code so it doesnt take that long.
  2. The easiest, unproxy the record but that will expose the address. If that is not an issue, well then it isnt :slight_smile:
  3. The most difficult one, change your entire workflow to asynchronous and only start the call and then check regularly for the status.

Yeah exactly that, we have the 3rd option on the UI but the real problem is related to some automated jobs calling the ws straightway.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help Sandro.

Hi Sandro,

Do you know if the timeout from cloudflare is related to a latency only? or the whole response time? like, using stream content would be a solution in this case?


Thats a good question. I believe it is the total overall time the connection is open, so any connection can only stay open for up to 100 seconds, but I cant say that with absolute certainty and there is a slim chance my statement is incorrect :slightly_smiling_face:.

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