Wrongly charged for the last 9 months, will no Customer Support to contact to

I had cancelled my Pro Plan in March and converted to Free Plan which has only 3 Page Rules allowed. For the last nine months, Cloudflare has been charging me $20/month for the Pro plan even though I had changed to Free Plan. There is no Customer Service line, I can call to and the emails I wrote to [email protected] and [email protected] got only Bot responses and with no resolution to this issue.

Since I have few domains parked with Cloudflare, I can not afford to close my Cloudflare account altogether.

Please advise what should I do in this scenario. I have paid more than $180 just for no reason. I don’t even have a website (just domain left now) to which I am paying this non-stop $20 for every month. Attaching the screenshots for your reference.

As you can see I have Free Plan, which only allows 3 Page Rules, the Dashboard says I have Free Plan with 23 page rules. I do not have even a single Page Rule.



What’s the ticket number?

Ticket number that was given by a Bot response was #2136042.Attaching the screenshot of the cancellation email i had received

Ok, I notified a staff member about this post.


another screen of their auto-reponse

all the highlighted amounts have been charged for the service which i never used and had cancelled on March 17th.

I am an Free Plan and do not have even a single page rule. Still, the website shows as having Free Plan with 23 Rules for which i get charged $20/month.

Hi @user10960,

This can happen when downgrading if you don’t opt-out of the page rules that the Pro plan includes. You will want to remove the subscription for those rules to stop being billed.


Hi @user10960,

I checked both of your tickets, as well as your account. Your account shows that you ordered the cancellation of the additional page rules today, 18 Nov 2021 02:49:24 GMT, they will downgrade completely on 2021-12-18 which is your next due date.


Hi Laurie,

I was not aware of these page rules and had written about this concern back in April itself. I never got any response from your support team, what was causing this repeated billing issue. You can also check your stats, I had never used any of these rules. At least today through this community I was able to get some answers which otherwise I would expect from a Customer Support team of a Multi-Billion$ company.

Yesterday when I selected the auto-selected 23-page rules (which I had no clue was the reason i was being charged for) to 0 rules, it was still Nov 17th according to North American timings. Why I am being told the time was in GMT when I made this change?

I would expect a refund for at least this month because I had cancelled all these default Page rule options before it was Nov 18th, anywhere in North America. I have already been ripped off enough and have submitted this as a disputed transaction to my credit card company.

this is what I had written to your billing team, which was never resolved and kept on getting charged every month due to no repsonse. I had no other means to contact your support team. Just today i learned that i can raise these questions via this forum.

If you look at everything here in good faith, you can see that i have been charged for something which i had never used. The onus was on your billing/support team to clarify why i was being charged (after my written email), to which i never got any response and was stuck in limbo for this long until today I heard a word back from your support team on this forum.

Did you send those emails to a noreply inbox?

I understand your frustration; however, since this is a service, you are subject to different terms and whether you receive a refund or not is ultimately Cloudflare’s decision. If the chargeback resolves in your favor, you will generate a debt with Cloudflare.
I don’t know how “aggressive” they are with this kind of scenario. You can expect a ban; however, it wouldn’t surprise me if your debt was sold to debt collectors.

thanks jnperamo,

my email was cc’ed to [email protected] as their email suggests to write to for all billing-related enquiries.

Only if Cloudflare had a dedicated customer support phone/chat, this matter would have resolved in minutes…they should explicitly say somewhere on their website, that their support is only via this forum…for months I was totally clueless about what to do and was about to move all my bought domains to Namecheap and close the Cloudflare account altogether just to avoid this $20 billing every month.

This has been escalated and you should receive a response on the ticket.


Both of your tickets have been escalated. The 1st already replied to by our team. In addition, please note that when you downgrade your plan from Pro to Free, you are prompted to either remove or retain your page rules, in the instance of retaining them, you have to check out in the pop-up which shows your payment method being used in your account with an agreement to pay for the service.


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