Wrong web display

I have had this problem with my website since yesterday. Also, I was trying to send a ticket to support, but I can’t select a domain to proceed with the request.

What makes you think this is Cloudflare related?

Also, you have a security issue and an insecure site.

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The hosting company told me I have to reach for Cloudflare support and address this problem because the main domain is using Cloudflare DNS records and pointing to their IP addresses, that’s why.

I am afraid your host is wrong here. Cloudflare provides DNS services and that’s it. All the content comes from your host and you need to work with them to fix whatever you want to fix.

While at it, also fix your server certificate and change your encryption on Cloudflare to Full Strict, as you currently have no encryption and an insecure site.

Okay, thank you so much :smiley:

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