Wrong translation on Dutch Cloudflare homepage, same text being used for 'sign up' and 'login'!


Regarding this page:

There are 2 links in the topright corner on the Dutch Cloudflare homepage that have the same text for ‘Sign Up’ (should be ‘Aanmelden’) and ‘Login’ (‘Inloggen’), I often click the first one, which then leads to a ‘Sign Up’ page.

Please correct the translation: change the first ‘Inloggen’ (‘Sign Up’) to ‘Aanmelden’:

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Thank you, I was going to mention your post to my colleagues on the Globalization team and they let me know they saw this topic and are on it. We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention. Thank you.

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Thanks again for bringing this to our attention. It has been updated with improved wording:

If you run into any other incorrect wording, continue to let us know.


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