Wrong translation of location names in Homepage

Visit the homepage and click the top right button and select Chinese (Simplified). Scroll down to the list of the location names. There are a ton of wrong translation.

For example, in North America (北美), “多伦多,加利福尼亚州” means “Toronto, California”. It mistakes CA as California instead of Canada. In fact, all Canadian location names are translated to California in Chinese language!

In Asia (亚洲), “加德满都,国家公园” means “Kathmandu, National Park”. It mistakes NP as National Park!

There are many mistakes and I can’t list them all here.

I also checked other languages, such as Japanese and Korean, and there are mistakes, too. Please hire a proper translator instead of using machine translation or some poor crowd translation.


Thank you for the feedback @user2888 we really appreciate it. I’ll drop you a private note to follow-up.

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