Wrong SSL cert for website, causing chain reaction

Instead of automatically using a Cloudflare cert, it seems like our server’s Lets Encrypt SSL certificate was pulled incorrectly, leading to a chained reaction (see SSL Checker) - anyone have any insights on how to fix this?

Looks fine? Cloudflare is not a CA, Let’s Encrypt is one of the CAs which issues certificates for domains on Cloudflare.


The SSL chain is what’s causing trouble. Compare this to another site of mine which has the exact same setup, but has a correctly implemented SSL: SSL Checker

May I ask which exactly?
Using above links, all green checks and both websites working fine.

2 different CAs, Cloudflare uses multiple CAs to issue certificates. There’s not a problem I can see as @fritex mentions, the site loads fine. If you wish to use a different CA you can pay for the ability to select https://developers.cloudflare.com/ssl/edge-certificates/advanced-certificate-manager/


Gotcha, thanks for the info! Is there a specific reason why the exact same setup would lead to two different SSL results for the two websites (on the same server and Cloudflare)?

:person_shrugging: not sure what criteria Cloudflare uses, they may do some type of % based distribution or have price points with their partners they are trying to hit (or stay under). Generally, a cert is a cert. If I’m buying for personal use I always use Digicert because they have been good to me in the past, but with Cloudflare I take whatever I get (and it can/ does change at renewal time on occasion).


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