Wrong SOA cached in by Cloudflare

I am trying to migrate to Cloudflare and update my name servers.

The name servers given in my Cloudflare account are

adi.ns.Cloudflare and evan.ns.Cloudflare

However, the SOA pertaining to these name servers defines carl.ns.Cloudflare as the primary name server (and ruth.ns.Cloudflare) as the secondary name server.

To test this, pls call:
nslookup -type=soa papaszemoptika.hu adi.ns.Cloudflare.com

How can I get this wrong SOA record flushed from the Cloudflare DNS?

It’s been a few hours and nobody has responded. So here’s my theory/wild guess…

Since you haven’t migrated to Cloudflare yet, you have an inaccurate SOA. Once you update your domain’s WHOIS info for adi and evan, Cloudflare DNS will get it right.

Just a theory. I’d like to hear if this is the case, or there really is a glitch.

It could be a glitch. It’s happened before.

Take a look at the NS records:

;papaszemoptika.hu. IN NS

papaszemoptika.hu. 86400 IN NS carl.ns.Cloudflare.com.
papaszemoptika.hu. 86400 IN NS ruth.ns.Cloudflare.com.

With this in mind, my guess is that your domain was previously signed up to Cloudflare. Once you update the nameservers that Cloudflare provided in your account then the domain will be linked up properly.

Also keep in mind that the SOA record’s master field does not need to be listed as one of the NS servers, and more importantly it is completely irrelevant when you are using Cloudflare’s authoritative DNS.

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Thank you for your responses.

You were right – the domain name used to have a different Cloudflare account.

In the meantime, the Cloudflare support graciously contacted me explaining:

“Most European registrars will have limitations on assigning different nameservers within the same DNS in case the new domain was active in Cloudflare before. The reason for this is because our nameservers will always respond to the old domain nameserver values instead of the new pending zone.
In such cases it is not be possible to migrate Cloudflare without contacting Cloudflare support.”

Now, after submitting a request through the old CF account of the given domain name, CF has purged the obsolete DNS record and solved the problem.


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