Wrong redirect

Hi! We have problem with our site gearshout.net, it again began to redirect to the old hosting, and we did not make any changes to the DNS from 12 march.

Where did my question go?

We work with Ezoic and also wrote in support there.

The site stopped working about four hours ago.

It would appear your host has suspended your hosting account.

Redirection to the old hosting is performed, which we changed on March 12th.

There is no redirect, just a suspension message.

Suspension message from old hosting.

Then you probably have outdated DNS records. Make sure they reflect the current ones.

How is this possible? In the settings we have installed the IP of the new hosting, and redirects to the old one? Until today, everything worked fine.

If you feel comfortable revealing your IP address here, post a screenshot of your DNS settings.

Where did you take this screenshot from? That does not seem to be from Cloudflare.

We work with Ezoic

A complete screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS settings.

That is still not a complete screenshot. You need to post a screenshot of all records.

This is all records.

Sorry, we are going in circles. Not that service but Cloudflare and a complete set. Sorry, this is the last time I am asking for this.

Ezoic and Cloudflare work as alias.