Wrong PoPS in Bogota Colombia

Here in Colombia we have two CloudFlare datacenters, one in Bogota and one in Medellin.
However I started to see a big latency to CloudFlare resolver. Google is about 20ms, is 80ms.

I review my websites using cdn-cgi/trace and see the colo property accessing to data centers in USA (CLT, TPA, etc). I also ask multiple friends and all of them get datacenters in USA. I think this is hapenning for CloudFlare typical web site protection and Cloudflare Resolver.

What could we do? We expect less latency having local datacenters here.

Routing issues come up from time to time, and here is some information on that:

The sad thing is i am seeing this for months

I’ll add this:
cloudflare.com goes to the BOG datacenter

But goes to USA datacenter