Wrong Phishing Message By Cloudflare

no email recieved

[email protected] should be the correct address, I’d drop them an email there.

so what should i need to do ? i much upset.

Didn’t I just write that at Wrong Phishing Message By CloudFlare - #6 by sandro?

did they respond you? And thanks for your time.

The abuse team can take some time but that’s the only way how to handle this issue.

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"My site is showing a Phishing site warning message please check what is the reason."
When i press the review Button, the does not work and gave an error. (https://procrackerz.org). Please give the quick response.

I believe it was pretty clearly described what you need to do.

Also, if your server IP address ends in 230, then you have a security issue.

yes sever ends with 230 so what to do now? And why the request a review button is not working?

You should follow through on the advice provided in the article.

Did you already send the email?

yes but still no reply

Sure, you won’t get an immediate reply. It will take some time. For the time being you can pause Cloudflare.

Be patient

Honestly though, considering you’re distributing software with apparent “key cracks” I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t lifted.


can i use an other account with paid services from cloudflare for the site?

No, you can’t. You need to wait until the responsible team gets back to you.

As I already mentioned, simply pause Cloudflare for the time being.

i have cleand-up everything from my site

ok . Thanks again for the precious time for me

Hey team Cloudflare, I am the owner of a site and using Cloudflare free plane to protect my website. my site is showing a Phishing site warning from Cloudflare. this is totally wrong. There are several of my competitors trying to damage my website. Please remove my site from the black listed by Cloudflare account.

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