Wrong peering using NET (Brazil)


There’s been a few months since my website is being redirected to MIA, ATL or any other US datacenter, but not to Brazil (GRU or GIG).

The problem only happens when I test with NET ISP, but with TIM (mobile) I get redirected to GIG just fine.

Is it momentary? A bug or what?

I’m using PRO.


Most peering isn’t caused by and can’t be fixed by Cloudflare sadly. It would be great if they peered with Cloudflare, but that’s not the reality in most places.

Strange… because on all mobile (3G or 4G) networks, I’m getting peered by São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, but when I test it with a broadband internet like NET or even VIVO non-mobile, I’m getting peered by Lima, Peru or other US datacenter.


Using VIVO 4G = São Paulo. Brazil.
Using VIVO home network = Lima, Peru.

There’s nothing Cloudflare can do? My servers are in Brazil and my latencies are increasing because of this.

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