Wrong namseververs at Cloudflare Registrar

My case is similar, my domains are locked over 5 days. My websites are down. Both domains - classbasic.com and ekoquiz.com are registered with cloudflare.
One of the domain has active APO subscription. I need your support and assistance because my nameservers are not updating for both domains.

Raise a Cloudflare Registrar support ticket here…
…and ask for the nameservers for your domain to be updated.

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Hi Sjr,

Thanks for your response. I have raised several tickets with that respect. No respond at all. On each domain, I found this

Classbasic.com is not active on Cloudflare yet, also Ekoquiz.com is not active on Cloudflare yet.

Here are my ticket numbers - #3289957 and #3293169 are pending tickets. Both sites are down.

Once again, thank you

The domains won’t be active if the nameservers are wrong.

Were the tickets for Cloudflare Registrar? They are often quicker responding and where your ticket should be directed. If not, someone passing may be able to adjust them - don’t raise more tickets, it just slows things down more.

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I have requested escalation on those two tickets. You should see a response on the tickets when someone is available.

Both domains are registered on cloudflare with cloudflare nameservers.

Thanks to you both.

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Hi, the ticket has been escalated to the Billing Team, and they will assist you with your request. Meanwhile, your patience is highly appreciated.


Thanks to you, epic.network. I got a response with respect to one of my domain - ekoquiz.com as shown in the screenshot below. The only issue here is that cloudflare is the domain registrar for both domains - classbasic.com and ekoquiz.com.

Have you mentioned it in a reply on your support ticket?

Yes, I did mention it in the ticket. I also include the screenshots for both domains.

That ticket will be the best place to continue the discussion.

Yes, but my only problem is… service of 4 years uninterrupted was shut down in the last 6 days now by cloudflare.


You guys have a good and supportive.

My ticket has not yet received respond from cloudflare.

Two domains suddenly not active at the same. Both domains are not new ones. The first one is registered in 2020 while the second is 2021.

My ticket not getting respond and both websites have gone offline over 7 days. How long will it take to fix inactive domains?

Both domains are registered on cloudflare. I need serious support and assistance to get active and come back to online.

I understand your frustration, but please stop opening duplicate topics. It only slows things down for everyone.

You will receive communication via your support ticket when there is new information.

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