Wrong MX record

Although the dns zone is correctly setup regarding the MX record, as shown below:

  • A | mail.minoanlabs.gr |
  • MX(0) | minoanlabs.gr | mail.minoanlabs.gr
    when I query for mx record I get back another host instead (_dc-mx.c52a7ecc116b.minoanlabs.gr).
    Please advise.

Unproxy the mail record, in other words make sure it is :grey:.

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It’s not proxied…
Any other ideas?

Can you post a screenshot?

Ehm, and that?

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I suppose u mean I should unproxie also that record?

Isn’t that what I said? :slight_smile:


Sorry I thought u meant the MX record…
Thanks, I 'll try right away.

No worries, but yeah, that record needs to be unproxied.

Thanks sandro.

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Most welcome :slight_smile:

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