Wrong IP returning... Not proxied

i have tested this with 2 new IPs

setup a new hostname in my domain
Type Name Content ProxyStatus TTL
A xxxxxx #.#.#.# DNSOnly Auto

I test that I am using as a DNS server over https by visiting

|Connected to|Yes|
|Using DNS over HTTPS (DoH)|Yes|

run nslookup (it returns as my dns server)
i query xxxxxx.mydomain.com and it returns (which is weird cause that is not the IP #.#.#.# in my cloudflare dashboard, and that is a private address)

nslookup xxxxxx.mydomain.com
Server: one.one.one.one

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: xxxxxx.mydomain.com

that link was supposed to show https://one.one.one.one/help/

Try using dig +trace xxxxxx.mydomain.com to understand where the incorrect DNS response comes from.

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