Wrong IP detection is blocking access to website

Hi all,
Our domain classonlive.com has a firewall rule which blocks traffic from China.
Today we are experiencing a weird situation. The firewall has blocked a lot of requests, apparently from China, but we have seen, using another IP location service that blocked IP’s are not coming from China. Most of them are from our clientes based in Spain. In fact most of them have written to our support center regarding this issue.
We have been using the Firewall more than a year and it works peefectly, but not today. So, is there a known trouble in Cloudflare today or what could be the problem?
I’m talking about more than 2000k request in a 2 hour interval. From 6pm (Europe/Madrid timezone).
Thanks in advance

Post a screenshot of https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/firewall&country=ES.

In the attached image those Ip’s aparently from China are not from China.

Did you follow the link I posted?

There’s a current issue at https://community.cloudflare.com/t/ip-geolocation-inaccuracies/264589 which might explain why some Spanish addresses might have been classified as Chinese.

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Yes, some of these addresses do not seem to be Chinese, so the mentioned issue will most likely be why the requests were blocked. Should be fixed shortly.

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Thanks so much.

Me too
IP Thailand, but it shows that it is China.

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