Wrong email when signing up

Hello everyone.

One of my clients mistyped his email when he signed up and also mistyped the password he used for signing in. But still completed the registration.

Now, when trying to create a new account with correct details, the domain is of course already assigned to the mistyped account.

What can we do to re gain control?
Thanks in advance.

This answer assumes you’re not talking about a domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar in which case they will need to contact Support directly to see what we can do.

If they’re not using our Registrar and they can remember the mistyped username/password they can login and correct the mistakes.

If not, the only option would be to open a new account with the correct details (typing carefully!) and add the domain to a new account - the system should let you do this, and the domain in the old account will be deactivated when they successfully switch the name servers at their registrar to the new nameservers assigned to the new account.


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