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I’ve encountered an issue where my email address appears instead of my domain name on the “Enter your Domain name” page, which seems to be affecting the connection between my website and the host. Surprisingly, my website still appears to be online. Could you assist me in resolving this discrepancy?

Thank you for your help!

How to change a wrong domain name

Have you registered the wrong domain name or added the wrong site to Cloudflare?

If you have registered a domain, then you can’t change it. Just make sure it’s not set to auto-renew and it will expire. You will need to buy the correct name.

If you have just added the wrong site to Cloudflare, just remove it from your account as here…

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Thank you for your response. I previously configured everything correctly, and it was functioning well. However, upon checking my website hosting platform yesterday, I noticed it was displaying as “Not connected.” When I checked Cloudflare, I discovered that my email address is listed where my domain name should be. All other settings appear to be correct. I’m not sure how or why my domain name was replaced by my email. My domain is registered with GoDaddy, and my hosting is through Estage.

Could you help me resolve this issue and restore the correct domain settings? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @championsachievers1, could you please share a screenshot (with relevant information redacted) where you see your email address listed instead of your domain name?

I can see that everything under your DNS dashboard looks fine and properly configured.


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