Wrong DNSSEC records displayed after domain change

It looks like a low-probability/high impact bug to me in https://dash.cloudflare.com/

This is rather simple to replicate.

  1. You need a domain (example1.tld) which had its DNSSEC setup started BUT not enabled on the registrar site and another one (example2.tld) which never had DNSSEC enabled or started.
  2. Enter example1.tld domain DNS management from the main page of the admin panel. Then click “DS Record” in the DNSSEC section. It will display correct DNSSEC record for example1.tld.
  3. Then, without doing anything else, use the quick domain switch panel (under the logo in the left top corner) to go to another domain (example2.tld) which does NOT have DNSSEC enabled.
  4. Click “Enable DNSSEC”. It will show the standard “it will take a minute to populate on the edge” and display a popup with new DNSSEC records. These DNSSEC record will be for example1.tld instead of example2.tld. Closing that and refreshing the page brings back correct records.

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