Wrong DNS resolving for Subdomain

Hello, We had a strange issue where some ISPs starting resolving our subdomain abc.sub.com to abc.sub.com.wrongen.com (Domain names are examples)

We don’t know how this wrongen.com came into the DNS resolution picture.
DNS is hosted on cloudflare.

Can anyone help me understand why would this happen

May I ask how did you configure your sub-domain to the Cloudflare?

Was it by creating a DNS record, or rather adding a sub-domain to your CF account? :thinking:

Other words, known as a Full or Partial setup? :thinking:

Nevertheless, may I ask if you’ve used some kind of a 3rd-party SaaS provider only for your sub-domain?

It could also be due to some DNS cache at their side, knows to happen.

What also could be is the SSL issue, if it’s not covering the hostname of the sub-domain. May I ask if you’ve double-checked the validation of the SSL certificate for that particular hostname?
Are there some other (sub)domain(s) on the same server?

May I ask how did you checked this so far?

Maybe you have got NS type of the DNS record (not the same as domain nameservers) added for the sub-domain, and that’s what’s being returned when asked for “nameservers” in such case.

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